TEAM CAMP (Technique & Competition)
JUNE 24 – JUNE 28

Upon arrival, teams are weighed in and placed in “pools”, depending on team strength and experience. Dual meets within respective pools are prepared and take place at afternoon and evening sessions. Team dual meet champions are established within each pool. Teams can expect to wrestle approximately 12-14 dual meets over the week.

Instructional sessions for team camp will be held during all sessions in which dual meets are not occurring. Carolina Wrestling Camps will utilize the “Level System” designed by Cary Kolat for all instructional sessions.

TEAM TECHNIQUE CAMP (Technique & Competition)

JUNE 29 – JULY 3

Newly designed in 2012, the Team Technique camp is designed for younger, less experienced teams that might not be ready for a week of intense competition. Coaches are seeking to expose their team to the opportunity to enhance their respective level of instruction and learn proper drilling techniques relative to the technique learned during camp.

Instruction will incorporate Cary Kolat’s “Level System”. Upon arrival, coaches will designate a level of instruction for each team member and throughout each session wrestlers will be exposed only to that level. For more detail on this teaching system see the film clip on our camp webpage. This system was enormously successful last year at camp.


JUNE 29 – JULY 3

This camp will be limited to 60 campers. The camp, designed and run by Cary Kolat is for high school wrestlers who realistically desire and expect to wrestle in college. This camp is NOT for beginners. Higher level technique will be taught with the expectation that the basics have been learned. Although this is NOT an “intensive camp” per se, wrestlers should come in shape and be prepared for intense training as this camp is designed to prepare the high school athlete for college wrestling.


JUNE 29 – JULY 3

This camp is designed for all ages and all levels of experience from the absolute beginner to the advanced wrestler. Upon arrival, each wrestler will be directed to a specific group based on age and experience level. All technique sessions will be directed to the wrestlers experience level. Only campers determined to be at higher levels of experience will have higher levels of intense training. Beginners and lower level wrestlers will be taught basic wrestling skills and techniques. Higher level wrestlers may be incorporated in some sessions with the “Solid 60” camp where possible and deemed to be appropriate.


JUNE 29 – JULY 3

This camp is designed for current and prospective high school aged heavyweight wrestlers. Camp clinicians will feature former UNC heavyweight standout Justin Harty (4x NCAA All-American) and current North Carolina Regional Training Center resident Ryan Tomei (2016 Olympic 120kg hopeful). Our clinicians understand there are techniques and positioning that distinguish heavyweight wrestling from the other weight classes so teaching will be focused in the areas specific to heavyweights. Higher level wrestlers may be incorporated in some sessions with the “Solid 60” campers where appropriate.